Emergency First Aid

Recognised 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work and RYA First Aid course


Spinal and new ideas

“gung-ho” “cowboy-ish” approach by the particular ambulance crew, of allowing a patient to self-extricate.

First Aid Courses

What could go wrong?
In short, very little.

Child First Aid

for information about child and baby first aid workshops contact sarah@devon.training

Save a Baby

3 hr sessions on basic first aid skills

❤️May the 4th be with You❤️

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First Aid for Asthma

If you think someone is having an asthma attack, these are the five key things to look for:

First Aid for Fractures

Fracture treatment

Motorcycle ‘Accident’ – What to do

First aid at motorcycycle accidents. Make safe, Stay Put, Stay Calm, Give first aid and take notes

First Aid Safety First

first aid after personal interests